Clit Pump

Clit Pump, Pumping your Clit

Clit pumping, is accomplished by placing a test tube like cylinder which is attached to a hand held vacuum pump over the clitoris. Then start pumping the vacuum pump as to remove any air creating a suction inside the tube, which causes blood to flow into the clit enlarging and swelling its size. If you use the clit pump for pleasure or you are looking to increase the size of your clit this is the technique for you. The best part of using a clit pump is having explosive orgasms, enjoying sex on a completely different level with more intense feelings of pleasure.

Clit Pump and the Vagina Pump

Clit Pumping and Vaginal Pumping is something of a new practice in sexual foreplay. When I personally was wanting to try my first hand experience with clit pumping, finding a quality clit pump that was durable and not some cheap novelty item was hard. However since my escapade began I have found the top products that actually stand apart from other Clit and Vagina pumps. I was lucky enough to find a reliable source for every one of the quality pumps I found.

Clit Pump

Clit Pump Multi Kit

You will find this set up featured in adult films. If I had only one clit pump it would be this set. Very durable, easy to clean and most importantly super effective. Made from high quality industrial grade acrylic. This Clit Pump multi cylinder kit will help you swell your clit to epic proportions. Just attach the pump and watch your clit swell up and fill the tube.

  • Small: Flanged Opening: 1.0″ – Tube: 0.5″
  • Medium: Flanged opening: 1.25″ – Tube: 0.75″
  • Large: Flanged opening: 1.5″ – Tube: 1.0″
  • Cylinders are vac-u-lock, which allows you to disconnect the pump and still have the cylinder attached.
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Vagina Pump Deluxe

Hand Pump with Pressure Gauge

A great quality built vacuum pump, with pressure gauge attached for safe pumping. One handed pump design Works with the below Clit Pumping Cylinder or a Vagina Cup.

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Clit Pump

Clit Pump Tube

Again this is the Professional Version you will see in adult films, a great start if you aren’t sure you want to invest in the pumping kit above. Quality Clit Pump vacuum tube made from industrial acrylic. Attach the hand vacuum pump and see your clit swell up to greatness. I personally have used this for both Clit and my nipples! inside diameter of 5/8 of an in.
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Clit Pump

Entry Level Clit Pump

Here is an entry level version of the clit pump. Good quality Pump not only provides amazing stimulation but also delivers good enlargement results! Soft suction cup forms around the clit and adds vibrations from the internal vibrating bullet. Suction bulb creates a vacuum to enlarge your clit.

  • Measurements: Suction cup measures approx. 2″ by 1.5″
  • Material: Sleeve is TPR; handle is ABS plastic
  • Color: Pink
  • Uses two AAA batteries, not included
  • Multi-speed
  • Vibrating pleasure coupled with enlargement benefits

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Some Clit Pumping Tips

  1. First timers take it slow no need to rush it.
  2. Don’t start pumping immiediatly,start with a little foreplay to get the jucies flowing.
  3. Make sure to wax, very least shave before pumping. Use plenty of lube these two steps will insure a air tight seal for good suction.
  4. Begin slow, just a few pumps getting tube to adhere to your clitoris ..then release the vacuum and repeat, try this a couple times before pumping hardcore.
  5. Don’t over pump. if you feel discomfort release the pressure immediately. Initially you should use the Clitoris pump about 15-20 minutes,using it longer could cause hickey and or swell your Clitoris to HUGE Sizes! (However only Temporary.) Best of all… enjoy the Clit Pump, I know I have!